So now Dreck Fiction’s taking an official indefinite hiatus. It jangles my jingle when websites I enjoy haven’t updated after a week and then two weeks and then three weeks but I keep checking anyway, and I shudder to think that there’s some poor shnook out there who reads this site. The posts have been slow and that’s because there’s been some stuff going on behind the scenes. As a wise man once said, “Nothing is over,” so Dreck Fiction won’t be all daises and shit, not yet.

In fact, there’ll be one last post in the near future, the Year Ender. But beyond that, there will be a more focused, tactical approach to what goes on here. And now to reminisce…

It’s been three years, I think. Dreck Fiction started with a mental mission statement to ‘legitimize science-fiction as a genre in film,’ but I immediately started talking about John Singleton movies. I was young (two years is a big difference when it’s seventeen and nineteen [not to imply myself an aged mature]), so I wrote about whatever the hell I wanted to, man.

That’s the safest route to no audience, but I knew that at the time and it’s not a huge concern. The concern I suppose is purpose. I don’t believe in contributing to the vast, big nothingness of the Internet with nothingness of my own, so I have to rationalize each decision on what gets the toss on up here. (This made the cut).

To be continued. A few months from now there’ll be some probably better content. Or at least, content that’s actually organized and related to the genre of science-fiction.