Another fine episode. It’s hard for any other TV show to really get me going right now, because I’m making my way through what might just be my favorite drama, an older show, and that’s difficult. But Awake is pretty good, it just isn’t eye-opening, ass-knocking-on-to. I like the formula, like the character, like that it deals in death and grief, something pretty rare in modern pop culture.

Britten runs into a familiar face, his son Rex’s old babysitter Kate. Only, he runs into her in both worlds, and she isn’t the same across the two. In the ‘red’ world, Kate is doing quite well for herself, and in the ‘blue’ one, she isn’t so much. It’s interesting and sad, and the things they’re doing with this dynamic seem novel each episode. The science-fiction elements may not add up to a show that really provokes thought like The X-Files, or TNG (as I hear) or even The Twilight Zone (to name three, unconnected scifi shows), but we’re still at the Lost-influenced mystery stage. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, but genuinely hope that in the second half of the season they get deeper into mythology and uncover more tools to play around with.

In this episode I also got a greater feeling that eventually Britten’s going to be investigated by his rookie partner, because in one episode it will be suspicious that he knew that thing, and that rookie seems to second-guess everything Britten does.

El next episode airs same time, same place. Be there, be not square

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