Well a year ago I started this blog with the hopes to launch a podcast, actually, but since that was a rather embarassing failure, the blog continued while the podcast was left to the memories of dedicated listeners everywhere. The blog, while not quite there yet, at least got 3,000 views total by the 9th of May 2011, which was three days from one year since its birth. That’s probably not good, but it’s a big number compared to, say, 12.

I need to celebrate myself, so I guess I’ll do that by telling you guys a story.

There is this person at my high school who is an effective English teacher and a genuinely good person – a wholesome character, except for one major thing: she doesn’t read science-fiction. Worse yet, she confuses Harry Potter with science-fiction. I think that was one of the pivotal moments in my career as a lifenerd, where I realized that I needed to spread the gospel of Not All Speculative Fiction is Dreckulative Fiction. That’s what makes the title of this blog… ironic.

So that was my story. From that point on I figured to turn this crappy podcast site into a medium for my gospel, and talk about the things that I needed to talk about. I started off with some crappy reviews, and I don’t think it was until the second part of the John Singleton retrospective (Higher Learning) that I started to actually take the writing seriously. So indeed it was from that point that I decided to point the site towards both cool movies to recommend, and the canon of science-fiction. I’m still waiting on that last part, but I just can’t bring myself to complete the Prelude to Blade Runner posts because honestly – I have no idea what the Blade Runner posts are going to be.

Also, there’s a post on this site called “The Matrix Trilogy: Part I,” and that was a few months ago. I started writing the second, but never finished. I also… don’t see me finishing it. I got kind of caught up in the Appreciation posts, and the Directors posts…

At some point, I’ll get back to the canon, or rather, start the canon, and talk about the stuff I haven’t covered – The Terminator, the rest of The Matrix, Solaris, 2001, Blade Runner (hopefully), Ghost in the Shell… all the things that lend support to the site’s thesis that you’ll find at the very bottom of the page and I nearly lost track of.

So anyway, happy birthday, Dreck Fiction. A word of warning: it won’t be your last.